Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bad Bites 03 - Cobras

First of I extend my gratitude to reptile expert George Van Horn and his wife Rosa for their participation in this program. Their generous help, knowledge and wisdom made it possible to shine a light into the life of cobras and many other venomous sankes.

The highest rate of snakebite fatalities by far occurs in south Asia, particularly on the Indian subcontinent, where nearly 11,000 deaths occur every year, with the majority of snake bites attributed to cobras. Poor, rural areas that lack appropriate medical care and the correct anti venom contribute to this high number of snakebite fatalities. Cobras belong to the family of the Elapidae, along with mambas, kraits and coral snakes. The genus Naja contains over 20 species of cobras and is the most widespread and recognized genus of cobras. Members of the genus range from Africa through the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia to Indonesia. Cobras very rarely attack people unprovoked, but when disturbed, they make full use of their deadly venom. Young cobras have the same amount of venom as the adult ones. Cobras prey on other snakes, birds and small mammals, while its main natural predators are other snakes, birds of prey and mongooses. Bad Bites of cobras was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro in Florida in 2013.

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