Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alligator Attack 01

Aggressive Behavior of Alligators
American alligators will become aggressive during feeding, trying to chase competition away from the food source. Feeding in groups will most likely turn into a feeding frenzy, in which every alligator tries to rip meat chunks out of their prey, which is followed by wild splashing, trashing around and the infamous death roll. Aggressive behavior of american alligators is also common during mating behavior in which the strongest males fight of and even kill weaker competitors to secure their position in the ranking order.

I’ve filmed american alligator attacks on other animals on a few occasions over the last years but I  can’t say these apex predators targeting humans, except when driven by hunger or during their mating season. The mating season is a particular dangerous time to venture into alligator territory. Their behavior changes dramatically, they become highly aggressive and won’t hesitate charging after any intruder, including humans. I’ve been chased by alligators during such filming on several occasions but without any serious consequences. It’s always a good idea to keep your senses on constant alert when entering alligator habitat. Also, please don’t forget that alligators do not just live in the swamps or large water areas. Adult alligators can be found even in narrow road side channels, hiding in their “Gator Holes” but sensing any movements in its vicinity. 

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